The Best Diet Machine Ever

In a moment of weakness at Costco a few weeks ago I was talked into buying an air fryer. While we are stuck at home cooking all our own food I thought it would keep the troops entertained. We have used it twice. The first time we made french fries. They were fine, which was a good thing because it meant we didn’t need to make french fries everyday.

The machine sat on the counter for two weeks, unused. I wanted to move it to the appliance world down stairs, but I was voted down. Tonight Russ and Carter decided to make potato chips. They got out the serious french real mandolin and sliced the one small potato which was slightly bigger than. A golf ball, but smaller than a tennis ball. They soaked the slivers of potato in water and the dried them. At last time to air fry them.

Carter laid out a layer of the translucent tubers on the rack and added a second rack and repeated the whole operation. I entered the scene a little while later and asked how the chips were. “They are still cooking.” It was at least 12 minutes before the chips were ready. That whole process produced about 16 small chips.

Carter sprinkled a bit of salt on them and we tried them. Delicious, but not crispy all over. The crispy part were very dark and the paler parts were more wobbly potato than chip. There was another round of frying.

It took at least an hour to do the whole one small potato. After eating my allotted eight chips I felt like I had enough. I have a new found appreciation for chip makers. Granted they deep fry them which would be a whole lot faster, but the prep work is also time consuming. I am not sure that I like chips enough to spend this much time for such a small amount of food.

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