Sweat Shop Well Named

I am in the middle of my 74 mask orders. I made an initial group two weeks ago and after my blog a couple of days ago I got requests from many friends near and far. Each mask takes four matching pieces of material so cutting all those pieces for so many masks takes a while. I thought I had enough white material with the bolt I had in my sewing room, but I have gone through the whole thing.

I have also gone through thousands of yards of thread as well as hundreds of feet of elastic. I reordered more material and thread today so I am prepared for more mask making.

Making each mask takes about forty minutes not counting the time spent pre-washing and ironing the fabric. Today I completed 13 and only have 26 left from the 74 already promised. One thing I do for each mask is machine embroider each person’s name on the inside of the mask this way family members know whose are whose. It also gives me a little feeling of connection for the person I am sewing it for.

Today as I was sewing the names in I realized how many I was making for high school friends. We have been friends for over forty years now and I it makes me happy to think these masks will keep them safe. I also realize that going to a boarding school meant no home economics and none of those friends probably even has a sewing machine or knows how to sew. Thank goodness my father bought me my first machine when I was 12 along with sewing lessons.

So I sweated away for my friends who generously donated to the Food Bank. Thank you so much for that. Tomorrow I hope to make a big dent in the last 23 and will mail everything out Monday morning. For local people I will contact you about getting you your masks. Somebody will be getting light blue ones as I have run out of white, but they are just as protective. Stay safe and stay covered.

2 Comments on “Sweat Shop Well Named”

  1. Nancye Bryan says:

    Amazing production level here, Dana!

  2. Stori Cadigan says:

    That’s me! Love you and miss everyone

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