Pack Rat Payoff

Being a bit of a pack rat eventually pays off. Today I was packaging up the masks I made for friends and family in far off places. Since I want to get them to people as fast as possible I wanted to mail them in envelopes. From my years in the mail opening business I became intimately familiar with the post offices mail handling. The system for envelopes is much faster than the one for packages.

I didn’t want to use giant envelopes because those are just like packages in the eyes of the post office. So I looked around my various stash of envelopes and discovered a box in my craft shower. Yes, you read that right, my craft shower in the bathroom by my office is an old fashioned metal shower. Since no one in my house was ever going to shower in it I put shelves in the shower and store little used supplies in there.

The box I came across was the perfect example of pack rat-ness. I found the invitations from my fortieth birthday. That was almost 19 years ago. The unsent invitations had big envelopes and that was the jackpot I hit.

The masks, put in ziplock bags fit perfectly in the party invitation envelopes. Then I weighed them. They were more than the one ounce a standard first class envelope is allowed. Since they were barley over I only needed to add .15¢ for two mask envelopes or .30¢ for three masks.

Yes I could have just put two forever stamps on each envelope and be done, but my stamp supply is getting low. Then I stumbled upon a roll of .34¢ stamps I had, the last first class amount made before the invention of forever stamps. Hooray! A use for those odd stamps.

So I packed up eight packages to mail and three for local delivery. Satisfaction on so many levels. Now if I can just finish sewing the last 17 masks I have promised.

2 Comments on “Pack Rat Payoff”

  1. Frances Dowell says:

    Hey, Dana! Make sure if you’re mailing out multiples in one package that your envelope isn’t more than 3/4″ thick. At our online guild meeting today, I discovered I wasn’t the only one to send out envelopes filled with masks, only to have them returned–or the recipient had to pay postage due! I paid the correct postage for the weight, but the weight wasn’t the problem; the depth was.

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