Hair, Hair, Flowing Everywhere

If ever there was a product whose time has finally come I would nominate the Flowbee. You remember the Flowbee from infomercials of the 80’s. It’s the attachment for your vacuum that cuts your hair and sucks away all the small hair cuttings at the same time.

I don’t remember ever seeing anyone with a good haircut with the Flowbee. I think the best style it could handle was a bowl cut. Not that it matters right now since we are all without any haircuts, good, bad or bowl right now.

Russ ordered a beard trimming kit which is back ordered for a while. He can always just shave if this Covid Beard gets too annoying. But as far as haircuts go we are out of luck. I could probably cut Russ’ hair as long as it doesn’t get too long and he needs a “style”. I could probably cut Carter’s hair, but long straight hair can just keep getting longer. My hair is another story. It is beginning to resemble a bowl cut.

It is too short for a pony tail but getting long enough that soon I will need a barrette. I am certain the only ones we have might be from when Carter was two. Perhaps I can take the clips off my orchids and use those.

If only I had a a Flowbee. I saw one on EBay for $299. I am certain the original cost was something like $29.99. Maybe they just put the decimal in the wrong place.

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