New Pants

As I flip through my various social media accounts over the last two days there is a definite theme in the paid content posts. Marketers think we all need new pants. Now marketers study trends, data and other social media posts and there is one thing they think: you have either gotten too big for your old pants or too small, either way you need new pants.

They are not wrong. Early in the quarantine many of the posts I saw were about the bread people were baking, sour dough, banana, chocolate babkas. All that bread adds up, especially for people who rarely ate bread before the quarantine.

Searches on what to do with Pasta soared. Carbs were making a comeback like, “if I am not going to be around long at least I am going to enjoy some spaghetti.” I ran into a friend at the grocery and almost did not recognize the person because they had taken the Covid-19 to mean gain 19 pounds.

Then there are the worriers. The people who were afraid they could not go out and buy new food so they rationed out the food they had. They also are extreme exercising because they don’t know what else to do. Just remember that you can’t go have PT if you pull something so back off a little.

Either way, both of these camps may be in need of new pants and marketers know it. Thankfully here in our house we have many sizes of pants and are able to change them out as needed.

I think we are going to be home for a while longer, at least I hope in NC we don’t follow that fool in Georgia’s lead. So there is still time to get back to your original pants size, if that is a good thing. Or if you are like me and are happy to go to a smaller size, now is the time to embrace it. I bet pants are still going to be on sale in a month or two. It would be a great thing if people didn’t recognize you because you are in better shape rather than the opposite when we finally get to emerge. Pants marketers are counting on you needing new pants one way or the other.

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