Good Day

Tonight I had a zoom church Ways and means committee meeting. One usually does not think of a group who looks after the finances as a fun bunch, but to me this is a wonderful group of people who I miss seeing face-to-face. Our fearless leader Dave started the meeting in a new way by asking us for any good news we had. It was nice to hear people’s uplifting thoughts.

I carried that feeling away from the meeting up to the kitchen where Carter had volunteered to make dinner. She asked me if I would just keep her company while she cooked. Talk about uplifting. I was a guest sitting at the bar in my own kitchen with no work to do. I find this such a bonus to our quarantining. We never would have this much time with Carter if it weren’t for this terrible virus.

She was in an excellent mood as she had a very good day at her work from home job. The support and positive reinforcement she gets from her supervisors is heaven sent. I am thankful that this work experience is so valuable and rewarding.

Dinner of chicken and rice with saffron was a huge hit with all of us, especially Shay who wanted a plate of her own. We ate in the dinning room and enjoyed every minute of each other’s company. Then Russ and Carter did the dishes. I really can’t complain about having to stay home with the ones I love and have a good time. I know that everyday is not like this, so I am going to hold on tight to this one.

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