Outdoor Work Goes On

In a true testament that my mother does not read my blog she called me today and told me she tried to make bread. This is a sign that things are really bad. First, she has never tried to make yeast bread before in her whole life. Second, she doesn’t even really cook. Third, she doesn’t even eat bread.

She told me she tried to make onion dill bread and it was a big fail. She knew she didn’t knead it enough. I am proud she knew that. Almost no one kneads bread enough. Even with my Kitchenaid mixer with the dough hook I can hardly knead the bread enough and my mother doesn’t have any equipment like that. So listen to me people, stop trying to make bread.

Ona different note, I saw people today, from afar. The landscape guys came and took out the dead tree by the house and replaced it with a Japanese specimen that should be more interesting and at least alive.

I also had to go to church to make some decisions about the fellowship hall. Church may actually be closed, but the construction workers are still on the job. Since the building is not closed in yet I felt comfortable going and staying many feet away from people. The windows should be finished being put in tomorrow. It is looking good and thanks to those workers who keep working since this is not a work from home possibility.

For the rest of who are at home I have heard about a lot of Spring cleaning going on. I said to one friend, no one will ever see how clean our houses are since no one can come over. So if you want to show off all your hard work, please feel free to share a photo of your accomplishments with me.

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