Real Life Learning

I feel for all the parents with little kids home who are trying to home school them. It certainly is going to make us a nation who really appreciates our teachers more after this episode passes. Being your own child’s teacher takes a very special person. You don’t have to run a classroom like they have at their own school. Learning can happen in so many ways. Cooking is the best science and math you can do. Taking apart the vacuum to clean the brushes is a great life lesson, but I fear most Mom’s don’t even know you can clean the brushes. (The life lessons you learn when you sell vacuums door to door.)

Although I don’t have a child at home I still had a life lesson call with mine today. Carter face timed me to be on the line while she did her taxes. I was really more moral support since I could not see her screen. It was a lot of comic relief for me as she read the instructions to herself, rather than out loud and then made some Scooby do sounds questioning what in the hell they were asking. “Hhuuurrh?”

Then she would ask me what they meant without telling me what the question was in the first place. It was a good thirty minutes of me watching her face as she puzzled out the electronic forms. I won’t tell you the paltry sum all this face contorting was for, but it was excellent practice.

So if you really want to give you kids some big life lessons let them work on your taxes. If you don’t want them to know how much you make because then they might think you can buy them a newer X-box, then at least let them make dinner. Suffering through one child cooked dinner is so much safer than being audited by the IRS and it will still be a good real life lesson.

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