Good Neighboring

This morning I got an email from our neighborhood list serve. A mother with young children was asking neighbors to help her entertain her kids and other neighborhood children. She wanted to create a neighborhood scavenger hunt and asked us to put a flower or a heart somewhere on our house, this way when her family took an afternoon walk the kids could have something to search for.

Many neighbor’s replied that they were in on the game, including us. So now we have a big red heart taped to our front door. When Russ and I took our walk this afternoon I too looked for the hearts and flowers in the neighborhood. It was a fun game. I am thankful that we can do a tiny part in helping to entertain children when their parents might be at their wits end.

Besides taking a walk I left the house to take Shay for her teeth cleaning. Our vet was doing drive up service. Shay knew something was up when I asked her to get in the car at 7:30 before she had any breakfast. She felt tricked as I turned towards the vet’s office.

The Dr. Came to the car and took Shay and instructed me to return at 3:00. Thankfully Shay had no bad teeth and no extractions were needed. Unfortunately the doodle part of her means she needs her teeth cleaned every year. At least dogs don’t have to social distance and she was able to keep her appointment.

Since she had anesthesia she is still a little groggy. Tomorrow she can look for the hearts and flowers when she feels ready for a walk. Sadly she will have to stay away from the kids.

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