Retrieving Carter

After over a week of social distancing alone in Boston I couldn’t take it anymore and I drove to Boston to get her. This does not have her happy, but getting back to Durham to wait out this mess gives me peace of mind.

So I left Durham at 5:45 to make the marathon Drive to Boston. As you can see from this first photo the roads were empty.

With all the world doing their best to stay home I made the trip in record time. Never in my life have I been able to drive from Durham to Washington DC in under four hours. Being Alone on the road was very strange.

I had to plan my stops thoughtfully because there were not many places open with restrooms. I also had to touch every gas pump with a napkin.

I had no issues during the whole drove until I reached New Rochelle and there was some reason the road was blocked for five minutes. New Rochelle is the center of the Covid -19 outbreak and I feared having an accident there. But it all worked out and I made it to Boston in eleven hours.

Since there is no traffic here Carter and I went out in the car to look at houses in her favorite south Boston area. Future goals for Carter.

The real proof that no one is here is I got one of the three parking spots right in front of Carter’s apartment that does not require a resident parking permit.

Tomorrow, back on the empty road to Durham, but at least I will have Carter with me.

3 Comments on “Retrieving Carter”

  1. Kate Taylor says:

    I know you feel sooooo much better seeing her person and will feel even better when you are both in Durham! Safe travels!!!

  2. Stori Cadigan says:

    I wish you guys had come here for a couple of nights!

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