Don’t Tell Me What You Are Baking

For the last few days I have heard from a lot of people about all the baking they are doing. There is something about being stuck at home that turns Americans into Betty Crockers. One person who shall remain nameless said, “You thought the freshman fifteen was real, welcome to the the Covid 30.”

I am thankful that I started on January 1 on my no sugar and limited flour regime. I have to say that stopping artificial sweeteners has rid me of my sweet tooth. I have lost 26 pounds, which is just a start to what I need to do.

Like everyone else stuck at home I have a desire to bake too, but I am holding back. Yesterday my cousin Sarah posted that her son was going to learn one new thing everyday and yesterday’s was how to bake bread. Today my friend Mary Lloyd sent me a link of a guy also trying to make bread at home.

As someone who had made bread for years I have to say it is rarely worth it. Learning to make a good yeast loaf is hard. We don’t have the right ovens, or moisture, or the right flour or fresh enough yeast. Sour dough is even harder. And when you consider you might need five to seven cups of flour to make one loaf of bread it starts to be way more expensive than buying it.

If you feel like baking consider making cookies that you can store in Dough balls in the freezer and only bake one or two at a time. It really might help curb your desire to have just another cookie. None of us want to emerge from our homes at the start of summer and not fit in our shorts.

One Comment on “Don’t Tell Me What You Are Baking”

  1. Sheppy vann says:

    I love making bread and do not think it is hard. I learned in a French cooking class years ago. I make all our bread. I have never used a mixer or a bread maker. Kneading is good for the soul! I have taught my grandchildren to knead bread and it has a wonderful rhythm-AND it makes the house smell wonderful. A nice slice of homemade bread makes fabulous toast and a great hostess gift is a warm loaf wrapped in a neat new tea towel.

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