Long Sunday

You would think that Russ and I have turned into dairy farmers by our sleep patterns these days. I woke up at 3:30 and he woke up at four and since neither of us can go back to sleep we just got up and started our day. As we were up at the crack of dawn we went to early church. This caused quite a ruckus as we sat in our regular 11:00AM pew but the McCaughns, who sit there at 8:30, came in just after us and had to sit some place else. If we keep up this early waking we will have to wait to go to church until after the McCaughns have already been seated.

It is amazing what you can get done on a Sunday if you go to early church. I was able to work in the sweat shop and then I went off to the Durham Branch of the Food Bank for a special volunteer event for members of the Full Plate Circle. The Full Plate people are extra good givers to the Food Bank so I was there to thank them for their generosity.

I have to say that they were an extra nice group of people. Not only are they generous, but they are very hard working as they were filling boxes for seniors of milk, canned salmon, peanut butter, cereal, spaghetti, juice and all kinds of fruits and vegetables. My dear friend Chuck ReCorr was there dressed in his normal natty attire. He was the only volunteer with a pocket square and a blazer. He pointed out to me that he was not wearing a tie and these were his “work” clothes.

Since I had an official Food Bank name badge on one woman came over to me to ask me if I could tell a man he was putting the juice in the box incorrectly. I did and he didn’t like my suggestion. The woman next to him said, “That’s Dana Lange, and this place is named for her, you better do what she asks.” I wasn’t going to play that card, but I thanked him for volunteering just the same.

Thankfully spending time at the Food Bank energized me enough to stave off a nap. The only problem with getting up at 3:30AM is I am hungry for dinner at 5:30PM. After boxing food for hungry senior citizens I am extra thankful that I get to cook my own food at home. It is always a good reminder how lucky we are.

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