Parting People From Their Money

See those poor unsuspecting people eating behind me. Most of them had no idea what I was going to do to them once they finished their lunch. Thankfully they didn’t object once I started doing it, probably because they are Methodists and they are a nice bunch of people.

Today was the UNC Wesley Campus Ministry fundraiser. They invited me back to be their auctioneer. I had done this job for them two years ago, but last year was on vacation with Carter and was unavailable.

The first year they were not as used to this brazen Presbyterian telling them they were here to raise money and so not to be shy about giving it. It was a little shocking to them. So when they asked me back I took it as a good sign.

As charity auctions go this is the most polite group of people I have ever auctioned for in the last 20 years. They sit quietly and pay attention. So I have to push them to have a little fun while the bidding is going on. Since most of them know each other I give them permission to bid against their friends. It is for a good cause.

Once they got loosened up they got good at the giving and during the “Fund-a-Ministry” section when I just ask people to give money because it feels good they raised their paddles willingly. I was very happy about the number of $1,000 donors this year. The first year I did this with them they were a little bowled over about being asked for $1,000.

The UNC students I met today could not have been nicer. So thank to Wesley for having me back. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends today and parting them from their money for a cause they clearly love.

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