Avoidance Continuance

As I have not become an infectious disease Dr. since yesterday, nor a stock market expert I needed to continue my avoidance of news as this week is one I don’t want to affect my overall well being. My work on the quilt and the puzzle only gave me so much relief so I added the ultimate picker-upper and went out to lunch with my friend Sara.

Sara’s husband Dave and I work on many committees together and I had commented to him often that as much as I enjoy his company I really would like to spend time with his wife. So at church on Sunday we made a lunch date and thank God it was for today.

We went to our old stand by Thai Cafe. You can count on getting exactly what you thought you were ordering as nothing about Thai Cafe has changed in eighteen years. After we had enjoyed our lunch with a nice long gab afterward I looked up towards the front window and thought I saw my old a friend Dottie coming to the table next to us. Since the sun was behind her I could only make out her shape and as she got closer she came into detail I saw it was her.

Dottie moved to New Bern years ago and so I see her much less than I used to. She introduced us to her fiancé Robbie, who I had heard lots about, but never met before. Then our friend Lynn came to join them for lunch and then Stephanie.

Sara and I continued to occupy our lunch table and visit with our friends stretching our lunch out over many hours.

Spending time with friends did not change what was going on in the world, but it did make passing the hours much happier. There is not much I can do about big pandemics or stock market melt downs, but I can enjoy the little pleasures of people I love and keep in perspective that we are all personally fine.

In the good news front, Shay is getting better. Her hot spot is smaller and she is more herself. My hope for you is that you too can ride out the week without having it affect your psyche.

One Comment on “Avoidance Continuance”

  1. Debi says:

    Even though we are 10,000 miles apart, I cannot believe, over the past few years that I have been reading your blog, that each time you post, you are almost channeling my very own thoughts and fears at the time. Except for me, I’m not able to go out for lunch as we’ve been in lockdown for several weeks. So I am living vicariously through you 🙂

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