Avoidance Therapy

Between CoronaVirus and the Stock Market I needed to do everything possible to avoid the stress inducing news. I was home today nursing Shay who is still uncomfortable with her hot spot so I decided I needed to add color to my day and keep busy.

I spent the morning working on the quilt my mother requested I make for her. I have been doing it for over a month so far and I barley have a third of it done. It is very complicated, but that makes it so much fun.

There is no pattern, but a random gathering of sandpipers. It is a lot like coloring with fabric, which makes my inner child so happy.

After my daily walk I needed to do something beside sewing so I started my new 2,000 piece puzzle. I sorted the pieces into color groups while finding the edge pieces. I think I can officially say that working on a puzzle is as close to putting my head in the sand as I can come.

I hope that things in the world turn around because there is only so much avoidance I can handle.

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