A President I Like

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and North Carolina is one of the states involved. Russ and I usually vote early, but this election I said, “I want to wait until the actual day because I need all the latest information available.” So I am glad I did wait since Pete and Amy dropped out today. It is quite a mess to figure out who can beat Trump and not divide the country more.

As I was studying Presidential candidates this afternoon I got a Facebook Message from my College class about a new President. My Classmate Leon Rose was just given the job as President of the NY Knicks. “At last, a President I can get behind,” I commented.

Leon is one of the nicest people I went to college with. He loved basketball back in college, but he found his calling to be on the business side of basketball. He has been the agent for some major players so I think he will make a great President of the Knicks. I wish him all the success he will need as it is a very tough job. NY is not always the most forgiving sports market.

So good luck to Leon. I think the Dickinson Class of 1983 would all vote for you!

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