Today I am Brilliant, but Not For Long

I went to the dermatologist today for a total body check. If you have never had anyone look at every inch of your skin with a little light-up magnifying tool you have really missed one of life’s most uncomfortable moments. I had a place on my back which I have not looked at, but felt, that worried me. Thankfully it was nothing serious. My Dr. called it a “Wisdom Spot.”

Dermatologists are the best marketers of the medical world. “Wisdom Spot” sounds so much better than “age spot” or “liver spot”, which are the old fashioned nick names for what I have. Well, I won’t have it long as she froze it and hopefully in three weeks it will fall off.

So for the record, right now and for the next three weeks I am smart, at least my skin announces I have wisdom. I am perfectly happy to go back to no wisdom soon.

I just want to know who the person is who invented the “freezing things off your skin machine.” That person deserves the noble prize. Just my two cents while I have all this wisdom.

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