We Are Safe With Jill

No matter what your politics are you have to give it to Jill Biden last night for jumping in to protect her husband Joe. When the anti-Dairy protestors interrupted his speech in LA Jill jumped to his defense and kept the non-cheese eating girls from getting to close to her man.

Not only is Jill an actual Doctor, which means she believes in science and is smart, she can shadow for the secret service guys. I happened to be telling Russ that I thought that potential First Ladies should have to debate when this story came on the news about Jill blocking for Joe. The newscaster said that Jill’s response to her reaction was, “Hey, I’m a Philly girl.” That made her tops in Russ’ book right away.

Way to go you Philly Girl. You made us all proud. I am not sure that eating Dairy is going to be a big campaign issue for either side, but those cottage cheese hating woman will think twice before they attempt to get near Joe again.

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