Extrovert’s Curse

I can not imagine being anything but an off the scale extrovert, but every once in a while I wouldn’t mind a little balance. Today I spent most of the day alone trying to unstop the clogged drain at our house. Not the most scintillating exercise. By 2:00 I was not sure if I had fixed it, but I had to get on the road to come to the beach for my week of teaching Mah Jongg.

Between being alone all day and driving three hours in the afternoon it was all I could do to stay awake. I arrived at my friend Reba’s exhausted. Reba is my best Beach Mah Jongg agent. She gets me students, hosts me to stay at her home, cooks my meals, provides snacks for the classes and entertains me in style. I can hardly ask for anything better.

After dropping my suit case in my most beautiful and comfortable room I had a little time to visit with Reba before the guests arrived for dinner. Reba had invited two of my students from the beginners class to dine with us this evening. One was my friend Anne Eberdt from Durham. I still can’t believe she has never taken Mah Jongg from me at home, but I am thrilled to have her in class here. The second was a lively friend of Reba’s named Neppie from Smithfield.

Now that I was with people all my energy returned. We enjoyed drinks on the porch over looking the water in the rare perfect cool of a June evening. Then we went inside to have Reba’s yummy clam dinner. The highlight was a lemon and lime panna cotta like dessert Reba had made. Neppie and Anne are fun as they can be. I am certain this is going to be a great class this week.

After so much fun at the table we hardly noticed how late it was. Everyone needs sleep before classes tomorrow, especially me since I have a three hour beginner class followed by a three hour advanced class. I know I need to go to sleep, but now that I have been with fun people I am all wired. Certainly tomorrow will be even worse after being with thirty people and talking the whole time. Oh, the curse of the extrovert.

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