Potatoes and Cole Slaw

Day one of my boot camp of teaching Mah jongg is in the books. This is not boot camp for the students, just the teacher. Reba would schedule me to teach morning, noon and night if I would let her. Thankfully I stopped her at just morning and afternoon and she let me have a break at night. I will report on the classes at the end of them, but for now I would rather relay the story of our dinner.

After a long day of sharing my love of Mah Jongg with two dozen women Reba, and my star beginner student Neppie and I went out to dinner at a place called Full Moon on Atlantic Beach. The weather could not have been more perfect to sit outside on a deck overlooking the water. We had a table in the corner in the sun and with the steady westward breeze and absolutely no humidity it was heaven.

Reba had told me that on a previous visit to this same restaurant she had seen people enjoying bread with their dinner and had asked the waitress if she could have some. The waitress had told her that bread came with pasta meals and instead of bread they served potatoes and cole slaw. Reba, just wanted bread that night and not liking the answer about the potatoes and cole slaw went without. Neppie, Reba and I laughed about the idea that potatoes and cole slaw were a bread substitute. Have you ever heard such a thing?

After we had our drinks our waitress tonight took our orders for dinner. We each ordered a seafood salad. “We don’t offer bread or hush puppies here, in place of that we bring potatoes and cole slaw,would you like that?” Our waitress asked us. We had ordered salads for dinner and potatoes and cole slaw didn’t seem to go with that, but purely for blog purposes we said yes. We just had to see this for our own eyes.

Fairly quickly she was back with plates with two small bowls of each item for both of us. Still somewhat in disbelief that this is what the restaurant gives away instead of bread we took a photo of it. Since we were hungry after our long day of Mah Jongg we each took a bite. I didn’t want to say out loud how good the potatoes were, it Neppie did. We tried the cole slaw. Also good. Surprisingly the combination was a hit.

Suddenly we found ourselves eating our potatoes and cole slaw and loving it. Bread would have been cheeper, but we decided not as good. We had become believers. Sometimes you just have to trust.

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