Mah Jongg Boot Camp

I have spent the last 48 hours teaching 24 women how to play Mah Jongg. Granted I have not taught all 24 at the same time. We have had two classes, absolute beginners and people who have played before, broken into morning and afternoon groups. Mah Jongg is a joy in my life and I love sharing it with others,

With the exception of my friends Anne and Reba I did not know these women before I started teaching them. Many in the non-beginner class came to my beach Mah Jongg class last year, so I have met them, but I don’t really “know” them. That also means they don’t know me, so having me as a teacher can be some what a shock to those who might be more delicate.

Learning anything new is tough, especially something like Mah Jongg which is a little like learning a foreign language. You have to learn the vocabulary and the structure before you actually get to play the game.

I tell all my new students it takes three classes for it to click. The first class is a mess and they leave confused and not that excited. The second class is much more fun as concepts start to reveal themselves to the, but the third class is the time when it all comes together and they usually get hooked.

Today being day two the students actually played a few games and we had some people win. It was so sweet how the other table mates would cheer when an opponent would beat them, making Mah Jongg for the first time. I love how supportive these women were of each other.

Tomorrow is the last day of the lessons. I am exhausted from teaching for so many hours so many days in a row. Today after class I came back to Reba’s place and passed out on my bed and took a quick cat nap. I look forward to making sure everyone who plays tomorrow wins a game and catches the Mah Jongg bug. It is my joy to spread this love around.

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