Half and Half Day

I awoke this morning in Morehead to hold my last Mah Jongg class. Three days of class is really the best way to learn to play this game and three days in a row is a big bonus. After reviewing important facts about the game they began to play. As a teacher it made my heart feel good that so many students made Mah Jongg. The beginners can officially say they are Mah Jongg Players. Now they just have to keep playing.

After so many hours of teaching Reba determined I needed a very Morehead special lunch. So she took me to El’s drive-in for a shrimp burger. El’s is a kind of drive-in like nothing I have ever seen. There are no designated parking places in the half paved, have dirt parking area. Reba pulled up under a large live oak tree and magically a young woman sauntered over to our car and took the order, along with three other vehicles orders on the way.

My shrimp, slaw and cocktail sauce burger was divine. Thanks, to Reba’s husband Jim for suggesting she take me to El’s! After that lunch it was time for me to hit the road for home. It had been a great week at the beach, but I needed to get home to be with my people, and by people I also mean Shay.

My drive home was not as exhausting as my drive to the beach and I got home just before Russ. Shay greated me at the top of the stairs with her happy shake and took me to find Carter who was napping in the play room. It was a good reunion.

When I went up to our bedroom I found a very special present left on my pillow under my quilt…three different old socks. Clearly Shay missed me because socks are her favorite hoarding objects. When she steals them she carries them around the house crying looking for a place to hide them. I guess I was missed.

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