Too Many Sunday Events

I used to say that May was the busiest Month, but so far June is kicking May’s butt. This morning Russ and I went church. Technically that is not an event, but we had to stay after church so I could present at the fellowship hall information session. Russ was a good egg at setting up chairs and being a general cheer leader.

These info sessions are important because we have a vote in church on June 16 to borrow the balance of money to start the fellowship hall project. So far the people who have come to the sessions have asked good and thoughtful questions. I will be away Wednesday when the last info session will be held, but Dave Pottenger can represent.

After church I had to finish cooking for the Intern dinner. There are four new summer interns, one six month intern and one new hire, along with the rest of the company who comes to the dinner. It was nice to see three past interns who are flourishing as full time employees. I did not have time to get all the cooking done and I had to depend on Carter to do the bulk of the work while I went to my next event. Thank goodness for Carter.

Around four I went over to Chapel Hill to a Food Bank event for generous friends. I met a number of interesting people who are very supportive of the work the Food Bank does. God Bless these good souls. I could only stay an hour, because I had to get home for our own party.

The interns we right on time. I only had one surprise extra guest who I was not expecting. The dinner was well received, the conversation lively and by the time dessert was over I was dead. Carter and Russ got to work on the dishes and I washed the silverware. I thought I heard water running, but Russ said it was the dishwasher. It was not. The sink in downstairs bathroom had gotten clogged from food in the upstairs sink. Water ran all over the bathroom. I was done. Carter and Russ are now cleaning that mess up. Too many events, planned and unplanned today.

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