2557 Blog Posts And Counting

Today is the birthday of this blog. I have written a post everyday for the last seven years. It started as my accountability for my weight loss challenge to raise money for the Food Bank. It worked for that. I lost weight, have gained weight, have lost some again. All along the way I have used this blog as my place to be answerable for my actions. I have also used it to justify things, thank people, be my memory, hold my recipes, retell inspirational things I have encountered, tell funnies, rant and encourage.

When I finished my challenge to raise money I thought about stopping the blog, but some friends encouraged me to continue. I know that the title of “Less Dana” is tongue in cheek as the whole thing is way more Dana than anyone really needs.

I appreciate you, the readers. I have days where a hundred people read and ones that get thousands of eye balls. Very few things I write about deserves that much attention, but once in a while something happens that draws people in.

For now I am going to continue. This is my second strongest habit, after drinking iced tea. If you told me when I started that I would write a few hundred words everyday and post it for the world to read I would say, “Forget it. That sounds too hard.” The act of writing something when nothing might have happened that day is a discipline I have come to enjoy.

Sometimes I write things that make people mad. I often wonder why people continue to read if I piss you off. Just know I am not trying to be controversial and I really write only for myself. I need constant motivation to do the right thing. That doesn’t mean I do it, but holding myself accountable and laying things out in public is good for me.

When I was looking back at the stats on the blog I laugh about things that get searched on which brings new readers as am amazed at all the countries they come from. I just hope that they figure out that sometimes what I write is satire.

So happy birthday to “Less Dana.” I know that I wrote yesterday that the celebrations about me are over. I consider this blog to be more than me, with a life of its own. Thanks to all of you who inspire me to write about you. After 2,557 blog posts I need new material.

2 Comments on “2557 Blog Posts And Counting”

  1. ellenpunderwood says:

    I hope you keep it up Dana. I enjoy your words of wisdom, wit, family stories, recipes, and observations on life in general. I am sure you can continue to find material. If I run across something you may be interested in, I will be sure to share it with you!

  2. Sheppy says:

    We are all better for your blogs and never tire of them! Since I have moved away from Durham the daily blogs are especially meaningful to me. Thank you so much for continuing your practice of daily blogging.

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