My May Celebrations Are Over

I hate that I have my anniversary, birthday and Mother’s Day all in a ten day period. By the time Mother’s day comes around everyone is sick of me. I am embarrassed to have any more celebrations about me, so we didn’t. Six months from now I wouldn’t mind a little pampering.

Carter was at Cheerio working this week so she was not home until late this afternoon, so I didn’t have the person around who caused me to be a mother anyway. To replace Mother’s Day I had confirmation day at a church with my mentee Allison Prebble. It was a lovely way to spend the morning. After church we took some pictures and since I had been both Allison and her older brother Jack’s confirmation Mentor I wanted a photo of the three of us.

After church I called my Mom to wish her happy Mother’s Day. No gifts, flowers or cards, just a call. That is always how Mother’s Day has been with us, except maybe breakfast in bed when I was younger. This was not much of a gift, but it was all the was.

Carter is cooking dinner tonight and the three of us will be together. All the celebration we need. And then the month of me is over. Everyone will be glad.

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  1. Sheppy says:

    Love those two Preble kids!
    Both are former Teddies!

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