Finally Aged Into My Hobbies

“Why are you friends with all the grandmothers?” Asked two year old Carter when I took her to preschool.

“Well, the grand mother’s are my friends because we like to do the same things.”

“Like what?”

“Play Mah Jongg, Bridge, make scrapbooks, do puzzles, arts and crafts, gardening, cooking. You know all the things I like to do with you.”

Carter was a little confused that the things that pre-schoolers liked were similar to the things that the grandmother’s liked and also what I liked.

For my birthday one of my younger friends gave me a beautiful puzzle. I really like to work on puzzles, but I do it on my game table in the living room. This means I have to wait until Mah Jongg is done on Wednesday afternoons before I start a new puzzle and I have to finish it by the following Tuesday afternoon.

I started this one Thursday afternoon. Despite being 1000 pieces I have made good progress. I am so happy that I have finally aged into my hobbies. No one asks me know why I like to do the things I like. I figure I am set with all the hobbies I need for the rest of my life. My young friends are finally aging into my likes.

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