I Can Do It Myself

Oh the glamorous life I lead. From my Harvard Non-profit group yesterday to landscaper/handy-person today. My yard guy quoted me a crazy amount to mulch my garden. I wasn’t looking to much our entire property, but the amount he said should cover every foot of our yard three inches deep.

Since I was not looking for four truck loads of mulch I told him I would do it myself. Last week Russ and I picked up ten bags of mulch from Home Depot for $20. It only took me an hour to spread it in my herb garden. Granted I could use another ten bags, but the important work was done.

I continued inside doing lots of handy jobs myself. I am gearing up for my big project of the summer- painting my kitchen cabinets. I have studied, gotten paint samples and have set aside July. This will be no mulch job, but I am certain I can do it myself. Oh the satisfaction!

2 Comments on “I Can Do It Myself”

  1. dee7064 says:

    Only ten bags? In the past two weeks, we’ve put out 55 bags at Hyde County and 40 at the beach!! Those great big, heavy bags from Lowe’s. And we’re OLD too—71 and 72. No, change that to crazy! Ugh. 🤣🤣🤣 Hugs and cheer, Diane Wade

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  2. dana lange says:

    Glad you all survived that

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