A Surprise New Job

I have been fairly good at not getting a real new job. I am busy enough with my volunteer jobs that there certainly is not time in the day for a paying job. Plus I like to have time in my day for my real job, Shay, friends and family. Oh yeah, and games, puzzles, Needlepoint, quilts and cooking.

Today was a good example of my average day. I had a meeting at church and Shay went with me. Shay loves to go to church. She likes meetings and all the people there who worship Dogs.

I then had a long birthday lunch with my friends Mary Lloyd and Christy. We could easily stretch lunch from mid morning to mid afternoon and still not have covered all the topics we need to discuss.

I came home and started my new birthday puzzle that Michelle gave me. I got the whole boarder done minus one piece and divided all the pieces into color groups.

By then it was time to make the long trek to Raleigh for a Harvard 100 dinner. The trip, which in non-rush hour would take 30 minutes took and hour and a half. When I got to the Renaissance North Hill’s the ballroom where the dinner-meeting was being held was full with over 200 triangle nonprofit leaders.

One of my friends there gave me the heads up that I was being named the VP of Programs for the newly formed executive committee of the Harvard 100. It was a surprise new job for me that I had not run for, but one I am happy to work on since I love this group and it’s mission to help Non-profits in the triangle work together and improve. I was esciall

At the dinner I was lucky enough to sit with my favorite Janice McAdams, from SECU Family House. The new website for the Harvard 100 was launched. If you have a non-profit and are looking for information it will hopefully be a resource for you. Of course, that is once I populate it with some programs. Visit harvard100.org If you are a triangle non-profit interested in training let me know.

A good day— friends, puzzles, meaningful work and Shay. Sorry Russ, I didn’t see you much. I promise not to get anymore jobs.

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