It’s Mah Jongg Day. I got a call from my friend Morgan this morning saying she wanted to try re-entry back into life and Mah Jongg felt like the safest place to start. Morgan is the aunt of Riley Howell who was murdered at UNNC while he took down the gunman. Morgan had returned yesterday from her home town where she has been for the last week with her family holding the funeral and being together. “Of course,” told her, “Where better to ease back than Mah Jongg and your friends here.”

It would have been nice to stop playing and welcome her with open arms, but as it would happen, Morgan came into my house as one table of friends we playing and I was frantically on my computer trying to buy Carter concert tickets since she is in the mountains without good connectivity. Instead of stopping everything and focusing on Morgan, she jumped in and helped me manage multiple devices, and communicating with Carter via text, while I kept refreshing the web site.

Eventually that project was completed and Morgan got some hugs and went to join a table. Our friend Kim, who had been away for the last two weeks did not know about Riley and Morgan explained the story to her. I was sorry I had not briefed everyone and apologized to both Kim and Morgan, but Morgan said it was a good way for her to practice how she is going to tell people who don’t know the story.

Morgan is a consummate story teller so she was able to share lots of anecdotes about Riley, the service and her family. She tasked me with asking anyone who had newspaper clippings if they would share them with her. Morgan is putting together a book of the stories for her family. She has all the digital media, but would love any hard copies. If you saved something from a newspaper, I am collecting them for Morgan.

In a life goes on moment, as we were about to have lunch a text came out to all the Middle school parents that the school lost power and they needed to pick their kids up. Morgan at least had lunch before she had to go pick up a Suburban full of kids. Nothing like kids to get you back into regular life.

So, Morgan is back and is able to tell you a good tale of her nephew. Mah Jongg was a safe re-entry, but I think it will be a little up and down as with all things in life, nothing is a straight line.

One Comment on “Re-Entry”

  1. Mary Pickard says:

    Thanks for loving on our Morgan.

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