Pie For Lunch

There were five of us in our neighborhood needlepoint group. Four of us have birthdays in a less than two month period. That is turning our group into a “dessert instead of lunch” needlepoint group.

Today was the celebration of my birthday. Christy made a most spectacular key lime pie with ginger snap crust. As the lover of all things lemon and limes it was right up my alley. We are getting quite spoiled at our gatherings the last three times that we stitch a little, bitch a little, share tips a little and eat a decadent dessert and open gifts.

Next meeting is Christy’s birthday and then we take the summer off. Good thing since we don’t have any summer birthdays and Karen’s is in September. I am going to have to find something unusual to bake for their birthdays since they give the best of gifts.

The other day someone asked me if I missed having Carter in school in Durham and all the commitments that went along with that. I honestly said, “I really don’t miss that at all, I just miss Carter.” It is nice to get to pick what my “committees” are now, rather than doing things out of a sense of obligation. Neighborhood needlepoint is so much better than fundraising.

Not to say that I don’t have responsible things to do, like build the new fellowship hall at church. Since I have church meetings four days in a row this week I feel like Needlepoint is justified. Of course I have a Ph.d in rationalization. That’s how I got away with key lime pie for lunch today.

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