Garden Club Year End Picnic

One of the very few clubs I have elected to stay in is my favorite, Garden Club. It is a group of fifty neighborhood women, some of whom actually like gardening and all of whom like to get together and chat.

Our year goes from a September to May and culminates in an evening picnic with our husbands. Tonight was the perfect night to spend outside at a Pokey’s house with her beautiful tented terrace and lush gardens.

The picnic is pot luck and is the best food you will have. Anne Bradford always brings her patio beans and I made sure to have them as they are a favorite. Anne was celebrated this year for being a member of the club for 51 years. Somehow we missed celebrating her fiftieth last year. I am not sure I can live long enough to make fifty years in Garden Club.

Missy McLeod was also honored for being our treasurer for the past ten years. If she ever decides to retire from that job we will have to disband. This year we were within $30 of our proposed budget. That is practically a rounding error.

The hostesses did a fabulous job with the floral center pieces— We are a garden club after all. The food was delicious and the company divine. Garden club is such an easy club to be in, not much work and lots of fun and really good company. I think I’ll stay.

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