Boycott Alabama

I am outraged about what the Alabama Legislature has done. Twenty five white male republican Alabama state senators voted in the most restrictive women’s reproductive health bill ever and only three woman had a vote in the bill. There was less than two hours of discussion.

For years I have said that women should be the ones to make decisions about our bodies and not men. But in Alabama today men decided that even in the case of rape or incest, women must carry on with a pregnancy against their wishes. So if a family member rapes a thirteen year old child she must carry on. What were these 25 men thinking?

If someone does not believe in abortion they never have to have one. There is no law that makes people have to get one. Anyone who is pro-life can always be pro-life for themselves. But why is it that people feel they should have a say in what someone else decides is best for them.

It amazes me that the party that believes in smaller government with fewer regulations wants to regulate the most intimate and life impacting part of a woman’s life. If this were something that was about men I can’t imagine they would ever enact a law to regulate men’s bodies.

The only way to punish a state who feels they can take this kind of action against women is to boycott the state and things made in the state. It worked in North Carolina when the archaic legislature here enacted the stupid bathroom bill and that was just about where people could pee.

Making Alabama feel this in their pocketbook is the only thing people outside Alabama can do. Of course, I was probably never going to Alabama, but there are plenty of companies that make things in Alabama and I am going to let them know I am not buying their products as long as they manufacture in Alabama. For instance Mercedes, Honda and Hyundai all have plants there. The one thing that makes politicians nervous is the loss of big manufacturers.

I am tired of old white men thinking they can make decisions about women’s bodies . We have to stop them now. Let women decide for themselves.

2 Comments on “Boycott Alabama”

  1. Kathy McKee says:


  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Dana,
    It’s Tricia, Warren’s friend from Texas
    Totally agree with your thoughts on Alabama’s drastic abortion restrictions. Don’t know a way to really boycott Alabama, but I have decided instead to make donations to Planned Parenthood hoping that will help in some way.
    P.S. Love ur blog

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