Needlepoint No. 2

Separated by just a week, I had my second Needlepoint group’s Christmas exchange. It is such a highlight of my holiday. This group is smaller. We stitch together monthly and celebrate birthdays together in a big way.

Tonight we all brought appetizers and enjoyed cocktails as we exchanged the special ornaments we secretly made for each other. I was especially excited about giving mine because I free handed it by looking at the opening credits of the TV show, “My Three Sons.” There are two members of this group who each have three sons, but only one got the ornament this year. I may have to stitch another one. I wish I had made a pattern.

After the exchange and the eating we then exchange more gifts. I feel like it is the best of Christmas because each person picks out things they think we all would love that they found on their travels or something unique.

I love this group and all that we share. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. I came right home and hung my special ornament on my garland. Ready for the Garden club Christmas in the morning.

One Comment on “Needlepoint No. 2”

  1. beth says:

    sounds like a wonderful group for many reasons

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