Preparing for the Next Party

Once my house is all decorated I might as well have lots of people over. My third party of the season is not actually my party at all. Tuesday is my Garden Club’s Christmas Auction and lunch. It is a group effort to pull this one off.

I am thankful for my friends who co-host with me. I create a menu and everyone helps prepare the lunch. Since garden club members can invite guests we get quite a crowd. This year we will be north of 60, which is not an issue as far as the lunch part of the event, but squeezing everyone into the gathering I’m for the auction is something.

Members bring things for me to auction off. Cakes and meals are popular as are homemade Christmas decorations. Years ago I had to bid quite high to get my set of flower pot soldiers. We have some incredibly talented members who make exquisite items for the auction. Not all things are homemade, but everything is fun.

I host this event every other year and have for many years. The best thing I ever did was buy 45 Christmas plates at the dollar store, back when they sold real china. They stay in a bin in the attic and only come out for this party. I add my Real Christmas china to the dollar store ones and it is just fine. I also have 80 white dessert plates that stay in the garage and only come out for parties if needed. My other most used bulk items are my 100 white linen napkins and 100 wine glasses. I have had them for at least 40 years. Having this stash is so useful. I have gotten my money’s worth out of everything, but especially the napkins.

I love setting up for a party. If you ever need to borrow anything just call.

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