Exploration Sunday

Russ, Shay and I went on a big exploration today. We jumped in the car and drove over to St. George and down to the marshal Point light house. The lighthouse is the one in Forest Gump. They have a pretty little museum, but sadly it was closed today.

Shay has been a little out of sorts the last few days, but loved going to the light house and seemed to get her appetite back walking by the coast.

We wanted to go the the next peninsula over. That meant we had to go back north and then go down to a Cushing and Friendship. This sight seeing trip made us happy about choosing Owls Head as our home base. Friendship is very remote and not terribly friendly. We stopped at the only place we saw open in and hour and a half, a general store. We got a sandwich to share and ate it on a picnic table out in the parking lot. Not exactly scenic.

It was a beautiful day so it was fun nonetheless. Shay especially liked getting to hang her head out the window as we drove.

Tonight we went to the Causeway restaurant at the Craignair Inn, in Spruce Head. It was the finest meal we have had since we’ve been here. We sat on the porch, which was fine until the bugs found me. It is worth another visit, but will sit inside next time. We should have worn bug spray as the causeway connects Spruce Head to Clark Island, which is a Nature preserve with trails. Russ read that it is too buggy to walk those trails.

We love Maine, but we some parts more than others. We are glad to be near civilization, but still in nature.

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