The Elks Lodge

The last time I went to an Elks Lodge it was in Kent Island, MD when I was catering a girl’s wedding. I had not been hired to cater at the Elks Lodge, but at the Rockville Mansion. When that burned down five weeks before the wedding the back up the Elks as her Mother-in-law to be was the head of the lady elks.

After 35 years between visits today’s trip to the Rockland Elks Lodge was a wholly different feel. First of all this Elks Lodge was not a corrugated tin building and second of all there was not a room full of drunk men smoking in the bar. The reason for my visit was an auction that Warren took me to. I knew the auctioneer as I have bought an antique tall case clock from him. He has a shop in Rockland with beautiful antiques.

Warren and I went to the preview and both found some things we wanted, but we didn’t wasn’t to sit through the auction because then we would over bid. So we left bids and will find out tomorrow if we got anything. Instead Warren took me for ice cream.

I came home to find Russ still working. The idea of taking a month off in Maine has not worked out as far as the being off is concerned. I hope that he can slow down a little and spend more time outside.

We ate leftovers for dinner. Russ enjoyed the last of the blueberry pie. Shay eyed his pie and he shared it with her. Who knew this puppy liked blueberry pie so much.

I cleaned the house in anticipation of Carter’s arrival tomorrow on the first Cape Air flight from Boston. I colored a big sign that I am going to put out on our lawn because I think she will fly right over our house as they are coming in for a landing. I am so excited for her to be here for a week.

Too bad Carter missed the auction. She would have been the youngest one there by many decades, since I was the youngest one there. At least I can take her antiquing while she’s here, but I wish she had seen the Elks lodge.

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