Carter Comes to Maine

This was the day I have been waiting for. Carter was supposed to arrive in Maine on the 9:40 AM cape air flight. For some unknown reason last night’s flight did not make it back to Boston so she had a two hour delay while the plane flew from Owls Head to Boston to pick up the four passengers. I watched her flight on the flight radar 24 website. Even on the sight they show her plane as a tiny little thing.

I had told her to ask to sit on the right hand side of the plane, but she was too afraid to do that. So she missed the hand colored sign I put out in the yard to greet her. She thought it was sweet when she saw it from the ground.

The best part of Maine for Carter is that Shay Shay is here. They have not been together for nine months, their longest separation. Carter and Russ took Shay hiking this afternoon and afterwards Carter did a little face trimming to clean Shay up. Shay was much happier with a Carter cut.

All four of us went off to Claws for dinner. We always go to Claws as soon as a new guest arrives. I have been slack on reporting our family lobster count. I had lobster stew Saturday night. Russ had lobster in his risotto on Sunday at the causeway Restaurant, which we highly recommend. Carter and I had lobster tonight.

Lobster count: 10 and counting

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