Lazy Sleet Day

It is a good thing we don’t live some place that gets more snow. Today was predicted to be our big snow day. Big around here means any snow. Not exactly what we got. First some flurries early in the morning. Followed by some sleeting, then some freezing rain and rain. It did not get warm enough to wash everything away, just enough to be annoying and make me stay inside all day.

So with the excuse that church was on Zoom and that the house was kind of torn up by the painters I ended up spending the whole day in our bed room, in my soft clothes, but not my night gown, and needlepointed all day. Well, I also binged a few shows while needlepointing.

To make myself feel better I did do a deep cleaning of an antique table that needed old wax removed, but other than that basically just needlepointing. In my defense it was free hand needlepoint on a blank canvas where I am designing something myself. That involves some putting stitches in and taking stitches out. Still a very lazy day. I didn’t even cook anything, just reheated leftovers.

If we had more snow days I would be the least productive person on earth. I hope you all stayed in, stayed warm and enjoyed your day.

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