Need Curtains?

Part of the great refresh is the removal of my dining room curtains. Changing colors so I can’t use these beautiful curtains is hard since they are so perfectly made of Colfax and Fowler fabric. I am hoping that someone with French doors or big windows wants them.

The valances are built on boards and come with all the hardware. One is 142inches long and the second one is 103 inches. They are lined in red. They come with two panels each. The panels are 46 inches wide and 100 inches long each. They are lined in white and have the hardware. They all can be cut down to fit smaller windows.

Maria Von Trap would have a hey day with all this material. I am certain that all seven children and one Nancy could have jumpers and shorts from these things.

I have listed these on Facebook market place, but I can’t ship them anywhere because the valances are on boards that are too long to ship.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be interested. I hate to just throw such beautiful fabric away.

One Comment on “Need Curtains?”

  1. Fiona Stewart says:

    Dana – they are gorgeous!! There is nothing you can use them for? The fabric is absolutely beautiful…even to reupholster a chair or something? OMG…I am turning into my mother. Fiona 😀

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