My Full Work Week

It has been a lot of years since I had a job that had both a full work week that included travel for work. Yesterday I had a full day of teaching Mah Jongg in Raleigh. I drove home and packed for my three day work trip to Kinston to do it all again.

Right now I am having dejà vu from my old OPEX days being a traveling sales person. I woke up at 6:00 and drove down east two hours to Kinston. I arrived at the Kinston Country club to be greeted in the parking lot by one of my former students who was taking my class again. Unfortunately all the students didn’t make it for one reason or another. So I had a smaller morning class and a big afternoon class.

Turns out I know more people in Kinston than I knew. Four of my students had taken class from me at the beach and a fifth is coming tomorrow. The great thing is they really are the nicest people. Since I am teaching threes days in a row I am spending the night here. True to my first job traveling all over the east coast, I checked into what was once a Holiday Inn, but is now a cool mid century motel. I think I am one of two guests. My room looks out on the kidney shaped pool, putt-putt course and shuffle board. Too bad it’s too cold to enjoy any of those fabulous amenities.

Kinston is the home to the wonderful Chef and the Farmer restaurant. Apparently it is not open on Tuesday so I am going to try and get dinner there tomorrow. As I was searching for my dinner (Which turned out to be a chick-fil-a salad) I stopped in a gas station to fill up. I thought I would go ahead and get a bottled iced tea for the morning. I went inside the store only to discover I really in the deep south now. The only bottled tea came in Sweet tea and lemon sweet tea and a tea I have never seen anywhere, SUPER SWEET TEA. So I guess Unsweet tea is out of the question. That’s how I ended up getting dinner from Chick-fil-a. They were the only reliable unsweet tea I knew I could get.

After two more days in Kinston I go back to teach in Raleigh on Friday. It will be a week with lots of travel and work five full days in a row. The only good part is I am not selling Mail opening machines, but am Teaching my favorite subject.

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