Tip-Toeing into 2022

In most of my sixty years I have welcomed the New Year with excitement and anticipation, made resolutions and plans and declared it would be the best year ever. See, I am an optimist who looks for constant improvement. Now improvement is not always realized. I recognize that I have years where I would slide backwards, sometimes at a breakneck speed, but that never kept me from declaring that the new year would be better.

The last few years have tempered me, but last year starting with the insurrection, working the move of my parents from two giant places to one smaller one, the passing of my father and just to put a bow on it, the canceling of our Christmas as we all had Covid made it particularly bad year. Not everything was bad. Carter graduated from college in a stellar way and made an excellent pivot from Bain Capital to get an offer doing something more suited to her skills. But in the balance it was not my favorite year.

I am tip toeing into 2022 with no great declarations. I just don’t want to jinx things. I have projects, but am going to take everything one day at a time. I have stopped looking at the Secret Escapes emails heralding fabulous deals on exotic vacations. There is no dreaming about going on a photo safari with Carter until things really settle down.

Instead I am going on more like the turtle than the hare. Plodding away and chipping at bad habits rather than making big resolutions. I don’t want to get my hopes up just to have them dashed. So instead I will try and take stock of all the beautiful small wins going on around me. This does not mean I am allowing myself to be less productive, just taking smaller steps on the same journey.

The thing that scares me is 2022 could be read as, 2020 Too and I definitely don’t want that. So I’m keeping my head down and not making a big deal about the change of the year. Maybe no one will notice and things can just slowly get better a wee bit at a time.

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