No Narcissists Allowed

Recently I’ve heard stories from friends complaining about Narcissists around them. These toxic people are not necessarily family members but people who call themselves friends or just acquaintances. The stories are of hurtful comments made to my friends by the offenders, who seem to go blithely about their business after delivering a zinger or two.

I’ve had experience with these types of people before. Thankfully one took herself out of my life after I pushed back. Another I just blocked from being able to communicate with me, which is easier than you think. The outcome from both of those removals was a much more pleasant daily life. There was no worry about what the next comment was going to be or who the person might offend next. I never missed having to clean up the mess left in that person’s wake as they went about insulting people.

As a person born in the south, but raised in the north, only to return south in adulthood I have experienced the different ways people handle Narcissists. In the north, they don’t get far as people are more willing to call them out. In the south, female narcissists can last a long while, because most true southerners don’t want to make waves or are afraid of becoming a victim of the bully.

If you have anyone in your life who belittles you in anyway now is the time to cut them out of your life. It’s not that hard because most true narcissists won’t notice if you don’t speak with them, or avoid them, or block them from your social media. When the world revolves around them, what you do is not on their radar, nor do they really care.

So no reason to include them anymore thinking that will make said person be nicer to you, it won’t. They can’t change, nor do they think anything they say or do to others is ever wrong. Narcissists never apologize. They are kind of like the subject of the Carley Simon song, “You’re so vain,” they think everything is about them. I’m here to tell you life without toxic people is so nice.

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