What Are You Saving It For?

When I was a kid we were never allowed to eat the Triscuits. They were for company. Now it did not matter if no company was planning on coming. My parents said, you needed to have Triscuits just in case someone stopped by for a drink. In defense of my parents people did drink a lot back then and it was probably a good idea to offer them something to eat before they drove them selves home. Who ever heard of a designated driver in 1972?

We could have an opened box of Triscuits and we were still not allowed to eat them. So the opened box would languish in the cabinet. Then if a friend dropped by at cocktail hour my Dad would have us test one of the broken pieces to see if it was stale. It almost always was. In all honesty I have never liked Triscuits, but always wanted what was forbidden.

So the precious half box of Triscuits would get thrown away and a new box, perhaps Carr wafers, was opened. We weren’t allowed to eat those either.

This habit of saving something good for a “special” occasion has stayed with me too, just not to the extent as my parents. If someone in our house wants to eat something that is opened I am all for it, but I am not going to open it for myself.

After moving my parents out of two of their houses this year I found lots of “speical” things that had to be thrown away because no one good enough ever came by to warrant using them. So I decided that I am going to change my family bad habits and start enjoying the good stuff whenever I want and not just for company. Lord, we don’t have company anymore with Covid anyway.

My friend Karen has given me the best Kusmi tea for Christmas for the last few years. I usually have not justified making a cup for myself, instead opting for regular ‘ole Liptons, but that is changing, Today, after the first winter storm of the season had passed, I decided I would like a cup of summertime tea.

With no fanfare, or friend to join me, I brewed up a cup and enjoyed it is the sunroom just because I have it, no saving for a special occasion. I am going to have one whenever I want, as long as it lasts. Hopefully I will use it all up before next Christmas when I might be lucky enough to get some more, or not. Doesn’t matter I should enjoy it now.

2 Comments on “What Are You Saving It For?”

  1. beth says:

    i learned the same from my parents and it’s a hard habit to break, but i’m going for it –

  2. Nancye Bryan. says:

    A couple I knew and loved were not wine drinkers. Bourbon yes,wine…not so much. There was a bottle at their home that had been given to them. It was at the house for years and years. After the latter of them died Sam & I decided to break it open. Truly vile! Don’t save it!

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