Time to Put the Hammer Down

I hope you didn’t throw your masks away. Looks like the Delta variant along with the selfish people who chose not to be vaccinated we are going to have to go back to wearing masks inside. If only every person who was eligible had gotten a vaccine as soon as they could we might have starved Covid of hosts, but all those science deniers prevented that from happening.

Tomorrow the federal government is going to announce that all civilian government workers will have to be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. New York and California are doing the same thing for state workers.

Google is requiring the same thing for their employees. Thanks Google for doing the right thing. Hopefully all other companies will follow suit. OSHA said weeks ago that companies could require employees to get vaccinations. It’s time that companies protect us from the unvaccinated.

Facebook, Netflix, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Washington Post, ascension Health and Lyft are all requiring employees to be vaccinated. I am going to support as many companies who are doing that as possible.

On the other hand some states are banning mask mandates. What a ridiculous way to govern. They have no idea how bad Covid could get. Why would you say we are not going to help prevent our own citizens from dying, ever. So I am not going to support any of these states; Florida, Montana, Arizona, North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee and South Carolina. Considering that Florida and Arkansas have the worst numbers of cases by population you would think they might want to do SOMETHING to curb Covid, like masks and requiring vaccines.

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