God Loves Teachers and We Should Too

Today was my second day of teaching Mah Jongg. Yesterday I drove three hours, taught six hours and ate lunch with my students. Today I taught six hours, but had lunch with my friend Reba, which was a chance to rest. This is just two days of work in a row and I am exhausted.

Part of it is that I had ten students yesterday and today 22 different student so I had to spend extra brain power just remembering all their names. Today’s two classes were also both beginner classes so I have to do a lot of talking as well as reading all their faces to judge their level of understanding. Not that I don’t love doing it, but it does make me appreciate what real teachers do day in and day out.

Even though I am teaching the same material to both the morning and afternoon classes I am constantly adjusting and readjusting how I try and convey the information based on how well people are taking it in. I am only able to do this because we are doing it in person.

I think about all the teachers who were trying to teach over zoom this year. How in the world can you tell if people are learning when you can hardly see them. Carter told me about the class she is taking this summer at college. She is one of three in-person students and the 12 online students don’t often have their cameras on. It has to be frustrating for her professor. I am happy that Carter makes the effort to spend her work lunch hour going to campus to take the class in person, if for no other reason to show respect for the professor.

Here’s to all the teachers of all kinds who impart knowledge in all their creative ways. You deserve so much more than you get. I am in awe of you. Now I have to go to bed early so I can get up and do it all again.

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