Mah Jongg Last Beach Hurrah

I’m back at the beach teaching four more days of Mah Jongg as my last group of classes for the summer. Originally I was supposed to teach a beginner class Tuesday, Wednesday and a Thursday morning and a strategy class Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. But when they told me we had more than a whole class of beginners on the wait list we moved the strategy class to all day today and added whole new beginner class.

This meant I had to get up this morning at five and drive down to start teaching at 9:30. I was very thankful that the strategy students could handle an all day class. Normally I don’t like to keep the same students in class more than three hours because I think it is information over load, but these ladies did great today.

After class I came to my friend Kate’s house where I am staying this week. Kate is a fantastic hostess. She provides everything a guest might want, but my very favorite thing is her guest room bedside clock with plugs on the front of it. There is nothing better than not having to crawl on the floor to plug in my chargers.

The next best thing Kate provides is a sweet dog to sit with me when we watch TV. Lucy, her fourteen year old lab jumped up to snuggle with me while I wrote this blog, but she was very coy when I went to take her photo.

Kate and I went to my favorite Beaufort Grocery for dinner. True to all things North Carolina I saw someone I know. Sitting at the table next to us was my friend Debbie Aiken who served on the Food Bank Board with me. North Carolina is a small world full of really nice people.

Thanks to all you wonderful Mah Jongg players and Kate who make my spending a week at the beach the most fun work anyone can do.

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