Mah Jongg Vs. Fishing

Today was the first day of Mah Jongg class for two groups of lovely ladies. They came dressed up to learn to play and at first I thought they must have thought it was a party too, but then I realized everyone dressed up. I have been so long in pandemic I was unaccustomed to seeing women out of yoga pants.

Thankfully teaching Mah Jongg is a something that has a lot of muscle memory even if it has been unexercised for such a long time. I warned the students not to judge if they like Mah Jongg by the first lesson since it really does take three lessons to start to understand it. Thankfully I don’t think I had any students who did not catch on today so the next two days should go well.

After class Reba took me downtown in Morehead city to see the Big Rock Fishing tournament that happens to be going on this week. I have absolutely no knowledge about big time competitive fishing. The money in competitive fishing is absolutely crazy, but you couldn’t tell by the way people were dressed.

We got to see a big marlin that had been caught today, which was hanging and weighed in at over 500lbs. I am sure getting that fish I was a big fight. I actually felt sorry for the fish who looked so beat up.

As far as I am concerned I think competitive Mah Jongg is a much safer than fishing and is a lot less expensive, even if you average in the wardrobe.

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