Head-First, Full-on

I should have eased out of the pandemic, instead I have run full-on, head first back into social life. This past weekend we had guests spend Friday and Saturday night with us. Then we had guests come for Sunday lunch. Today My friend Hannah and her mother Boogie came for lunch and a tour of my garden before I left to drive down to Morehead City.

Tonight I am back at my friend Reba’s readying myself to go teach both a morning and afternoon Mah Jongg classes for the next three days at the Coral Bay club. Add all that to going to film church where I lectured and a lot of gardening in preparation for being away for three days when it probably won’t rain and I am already exhausted.

Coming to stay with Reba is a bit of a vacation as she always greets me the first night with a yummy dinner of shrimp salad and heirloom tomatoes. I just wish I wasn’t already tired before I even begin teaching. My extrovert stamina is out of practice. I have gotten really used to a solitary life of reading, gardening and needlepointing.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved seeing my friends, especially the ones who have not been around much. I am just not used to go, go going all the time. Well, there was that moving my parents and estate sale work that I have done for the last three months. I was looking at teaching Mah Jongg as kind of a break.

At least I will get a good night’s sleep so I am ready to introduce the fabulous game to two giant classes of new friends I will meet tomorrow. It has been so long since I have taught I hope I won’t be rusty. I also hope my extrovert gene comes back, because that is the only way I can teach for seven hours straight. Maybe next week I can go back to half pandemic mode.

One Comment on “Head-First, Full-on”

  1. beth says:

    enjoy every bit of your return!

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