A Scary Snake

Today was the first big day of setting up the estate sale at my parents. Thanks to the help of one of my friends and one of my Mom’s we got everything unpacked in the big house. The unpacking was all the stuff from the apartment in DC. We also sorted and organized a large number of sets of China. We still have many kitchen items to set out for display and pricing of everything.

The little house is still full of boxes we need to unpack and organize, but that is a job for Saturday. One of my mom’s friends came by and bought a good amount of stuff so before we even have the sale we made a sale.

I will post photos of everything when we get it set up. Think sofas, rugs, antique side tables, China, China, China, Crystal, housewares, lamps, linens. Basically everything you need to set up a nice house.

It was a more fun day than any of us expected. We had a lot of laughs, until the very scary snake. One person went to the basement and before they went in they were back reporting to us, “There is a very scary, dangerous black and white snake at the bottom of the basement steps before the door.”

Since snakes do not scare me I volunteered to go scare the snake away. I took two pot lids to clang together. I banged the lids loudly as I approached the basement steps. I looked down the step well, I saw the black and white supposed snake. I turned to the person who had reported the snake. “Is that scary bungee cord the snake?”

We got a big laugh out of that. I threw that scary bungee cord away. We don’t need to scare anyone else.

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