Double Birthday Celebrations

With the loss of birthday celebrations last year we are doing double parties this year. I think we are all so ready to be with friends everyone is thrilled to come to two events for each birthday person.

Tomorrow is my darling friend Christy’s birthday. So we could fit in as much merriment as possible we started yesterday. We had a breakfast birthday. I made my “how I met Colin Firth” Raspberry streusel nut muffins. I forget how good they are and they definitely are birthday worthy. Thanks to Kathi for hosting that lovely morning.

Today we went to the WaDu to have our celebratory birthday lunch on the terrace. Thankfully Christy’s birthday is not on a graduation week so we had the regular menu which meant Chopped salads were the popular lunch.

It is good to have wonderful young friends like Christy who deserve all the merriment we can come up with. Next up will be Mary Lloyd’s birthday. We most certainly will be on the double birthday party scheme in August. Don’t worry Lynn and Karen, Double birthdays in September too.

I hope we don’t have another pandemic, but I do like having two birthday parties. Wish Christy a happy day tomorrow, the revelry continues.

One Comment on “Double Birthday Celebrations”

  1. beth says:

    a great idea – happy birthdays

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